Website Update & Design

One of the areas of service that Uppgroup Inc. have been known for over the years of course is our web design expertise. We have created hundreds of sites for clients over the last 15 years and have seen many changes in the way they have been created and are created today.

WordPress has made some big inroads in web design, over the last few years Uppgroup Inc. has been creating more and more sites using this platform and in many cases what we are experimenting with is a combination of design, using traditional html sites, and WordPress.

This service gives clients a broader range of features, and makes it easier for our clients to participate of course, as they can actually get right involved with WordPress, as they don’t require any real knowledge of html, or servers, ftp, uploading, and require virtually no special software with WordPress. So they can add to the site, add content, photos, video, basically creating the site themselves in a way, once of course the layout, setup and so on is in place.

Other key areas we can offer assistance are: Keyword Technology and Advanced Marketing.