The Intricacies Of Keyword Technology And What It Means For Terms Like Jamthund Breeders

Businesses have been trying to sell themselves as search engine wizards since the inception of the Internet. A nearly impossible feat, and usually a scam if discovered, no business can just place a website at the top of the search engine results. It requires keyword technology, hard work, research, persistence and an eye for specific phrasing not overly saturated today. Not a completely impossible result, placing a business at the top of a search engine finding is indicative of a keyword technologically genius team behind it, as well as an eye for identifying and refining the exact keywords necessary to match with the people who are seeking them.

Keyword Technology Content Creation

Keyword Technology and Content Creation

The number one point of keyword technology is pairing the keyword seeker with the keyword provider. When someone types something into Google, they are actively seeking a result, whether it is a service, product, article, or blog. They wouldn’t be using Google if that weren’t their intention. On the other side of the equation, there are businesses out there that provide that exact service the consumer is looking for. The problem is, with hundreds of millions of websites, landing pages, and virtual stores today, if a business doesn’t show up in the first 3 search engine results, chances are the consumer will never ever see their site. People rely and obsess over instant gratification today. Attention spans are small. It’s absolutely crucial to identify and go after the keywords that are relevant in an industry.

Take a common phrase like keyword technology today. So many different firms are incorporating that into their digital marketing plan, that the phrase has become overly saturated in search engine results. New keyword technology firms are being buried in a sea of millions of  “keyword technology firms.” Not to mention, the ones who do solidify and hold onto the top 3 spots are usually there for years. If you’re someone who uses the Internet, you probably notice that the search engine results for phrases don’t shuffle around too frequently. These firms grabbed their spots early on, and held onto them for dear life through blogging, promotional efforts, and lots of activities. A fun fact for today, when someone types in keyword technology, there are 155,000,000 search results. Only a fourth of what showed up in 2013, it’s still an insurmountable feat for a firm wishing to be number one.

Take another phrase like “sex and drugs,” which is more specific than keyword technology, but still a relatively common phrase that people search. You’re now one step closer to achieving that search engine ranking by entering a pool of smaller results. Still a well-known phrase, you’re not quite to the top yet. There are ways to organically move the business up over many years, but it is hard, dedicated, and persistent work.

ancient swedish elkhounds

Kamia Kennels – Jamthund Breeder website

Let’s now look at an incredibly specific phrase: Jamthund Breeder. Jamthund Swedish Elkhound, a rare and historic Nordic dog breed, native to northern Sweden with ancestry dating back to prehistoric times, is a dog only found in the coldest climates around the world. Most people have never even heard of the breed. With only one kennel in North America breeding them today, Kamia Kennels, the search term Jamthund Breeder is very rarely searched. The native owners of Jamthunds in the Swedish wilderness probably don’t even utilize the Internet frequently. This loophole then allows for the high search engine rankings for Jamthund Breeder.

The larger and aggressive terms, like keyword technology, have impossible competition to elbow out for their rankings. Jamthund Breeder on the other hand, probably has a dozen sites to compete with. A specialized and targeted phrase, Jamthund Breeder illustrates the power of search engine ranking by identifying the targeting and powerful keywords seekers are going to use when looking for a Jamthund dog. A quick and efficient way around the saturated keyword market, this case study serves as an example for researched and informed keyword technology selection.

By then following the process of the previous terms, as someone with a Jamthund Breeder component to their website, it’s important to solidify your spot at the top of the search engine now (while you still can). Update your website frequently and blog. By blogging, pages are indexed and your website ranking moves up every time Google processes it. Bolster up social media and promote your site to family and friends. Clinch that top keyword niche and never let go. Specialized terminology like Jamthund Breeder is the perfect starting point for achieving this.