Keyword Technology Welcomes You!

Welcome to Keyword Technology

The process of understanding how people search, how they look for things online is a basis for our process, our keyword technology. It’s very much like Steven Covey stated: “Seek first to understand.” This is the same principle we follow with Keyword Technology. In the past ten years or more since we started our business we have witnessed many changes in the way the web and all its components work together. However, very basic principles still hold true today. Here is an overview of  what Keyword Technology actually is.

The most important principle when looking to position yourself in front of your target market is this:

Speak the language they use – talk, write, share, and  show in how they (the potential clients) talk, write, receive and see!

Keyword technology is the backbone of all marketing programs. In reality, if you’re not using it, you are missing out on a great deal of your market, we can guarantee it. Here is a very easy way to look at it. Most people put together product material, brochures, corporate letters, sales letters, etc.; the majority of which speaks the language of the seller. It shares the thoughts, the ideas, the perceptions of the seller. It is mainly created from how the seller perceives the information.

Now let’s look a bit deeper: let’s just describe a computer – personal computer, mac, ibm, dell, laptop, notebook, palm, pc, desktop, intel, gateway, Toshiba, apple, Linux … I think you’re getting the idea. There are endless ways to “describe, share, show” just about anything. So, before we go too far along you most likely already have an idea of the complexity of this process. Here is where it gets interesting.

What if we have to enter in another phrase or word? What if we had to describe a computer desk? Then the variables increase exponentially. We now have – personal computer desk, laptop desk, notebook desk, etc., but it can now be exponentially expanded as it could easily be computer workstation, mac workstation, ibm workstation, you get the idea.

Taking this a stage further, let’s enter in one more phrase – what if we had to describe a computer desk lamp? Once again, just using our variables we now have – personal computer desk lamp, laptop desk lamp, notebook desk lamp, etc. But we could also have personal computer light, laptop desk light, notebook desk light, and personal computer workstation lamp. I mean I am already confused, there are so many variables. So, you see where on the first pass through on construction a product site, or a display page, or sales article, most, if not all, of the key variables would be missing, this is why Keyword Technology needs to be employed.