1. Website Development/Marketing:

website development uppgroup incUppgroup knows that your company’s website is an important and effective marketing tool. For many organizations, their web site is the most important marketing tool.

As an organization your web site should be polished, easy to navigate and complement your other marketing strategies. Meaningful organization of visual and written information goes a long way in conveying the professionalism of a company.

Websites come in all sizes, big to small, and are designed for an array of business from non profit, manufacturing to retail. Some advanced websites contain databases and computer programming, while some are simpler sites that contain useful information and photos. Regardless of your requirements, we can help make a website that is tailored to your business / organization.

2. Web Design:

web design uppgroup inc.Web Design is the construction of the website, the graphics, the navigation, the text copy. How the images appear, how the pages layout on screen. What navigation buttons appear on each page, what headings, sub headings and font sizes are used. Colors, images, etc.

We design websites to be aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate – without visitors getting lost within the site, each site is optimized for quick load time on the Internet without crashing and backwards compatible for use on current and previous versions of all popular browsers, and mobile friendly.

We design websites that require minimal upkeep; most modifications are either made automatically, or can be made by you with very little training, by means of Content Management System.

3. Keyword Technology:

uppgroup keyword technologyKeyword Technology supports your website, both on and off site. It determines how search engines receive information from your site, how search engines view the information and where your site will appear in their ranking system. Each search engine is different, Keyword Technology takes into account the differences and applies the knowledge required to the respective site, or sites

Over the last few years, Yahoo, Google, MSN and others are approaching and are surpassing the 5 Billion mark of indexed pages; we know that web design without keyword technology will be less likely to achieve a high ranking in any search engine. Websites using a Keyword Technology strategy ensures a higher ranking in the search engines; and can be found on the first page of a searched term.

Uppgroup Web Design helps you get to the top of search engines. With every new site we take into account the key phrases you would like to come up for in Google and other search engines. During the design process we optimize the site to those phrases giving our clients their best chance at top listings.