The Intricacies Of Keyword Technology And What It Means For Terms Like Jamthund Breeders

Businesses have been trying to sell themselves as search engine wizards since the inception of the Internet. A nearly impossible feat, and usually a scam if discovered, no business can just place a website at the top of the search engine results. It requires keyword technology, hard work, research, persistence and an eye for specific phrasing not overly saturated today. Not a completely impossible result, placing a business at the top of a search engine finding is indicative of a keyword technologically genius team behind it, as well as an eye for identifying and refining the exact keywords necessary to match with the people who are seeking them.

Keyword Technology Content Creation

Keyword Technology and Content Creation

The number one point of keyword technology is pairing the keyword seeker with the keyword provider. When someone types something into Google, they are actively seeking a result, whether it is a service, product, article, or blog. They wouldn’t be using Google if that weren’t their intention. On the other side of the equation, there are businesses out there that provide that exact service the consumer is looking for. The problem is, with hundreds of millions of websites, landing pages, and virtual stores today, if a business doesn’t show up in the first 3 search engine results, chances are the consumer will never ever see their site. People rely and obsess over instant gratification today. Attention spans are small. It’s absolutely crucial to identify and go after the keywords that are relevant in an industry.

Take a common phrase like keyword technology today. So many different firms are incorporating that into their digital marketing plan, that the phrase has become overly saturated in search engine results. New keyword technology firms are being buried in a sea of millions of  “keyword technology firms.” Not to mention, the ones who do solidify and hold onto the top 3 spots are usually there for years. If you’re someone who uses the Internet, you probably notice that the search engine results for phrases don’t shuffle around too frequently. These firms grabbed their spots early on, and held onto them for dear life through blogging, promotional efforts, and lots of activities. A fun fact for today, when someone types in keyword technology, there are 155,000,000 search results. Only a fourth of what showed up in 2013, it’s still an insurmountable feat for a firm wishing to be number one.

Take another phrase like “sex and drugs,” which is more specific than keyword technology, but still a relatively common phrase that people search. You’re now one step closer to achieving that search engine ranking by entering a pool of smaller results. Still a well-known phrase, you’re not quite to the top yet. There are ways to organically move the business up over many years, but it is hard, dedicated, and persistent work.

ancient swedish elkhounds

Kamia Kennels – Jamthund Breeder website

Let’s now look at an incredibly specific phrase: Jamthund Breeder. Jamthund Swedish Elkhound, a rare and historic Nordic dog breed, native to northern Sweden with ancestry dating back to prehistoric times, is a dog only found in the coldest climates around the world. Most people have never even heard of the breed. With only one kennel in North America breeding them today, Kamia Kennels, the search term Jamthund Breeder is very rarely searched. The native owners of Jamthunds in the Swedish wilderness probably don’t even utilize the Internet frequently. This loophole then allows for the high search engine rankings for Jamthund Breeder.

The larger and aggressive terms, like keyword technology, have impossible competition to elbow out for their rankings. Jamthund Breeder on the other hand, probably has a dozen sites to compete with. A specialized and targeted phrase, Jamthund Breeder illustrates the power of search engine ranking by identifying the targeting and powerful keywords seekers are going to use when looking for a Jamthund dog. A quick and efficient way around the saturated keyword market, this case study serves as an example for researched and informed keyword technology selection.

By then following the process of the previous terms, as someone with a Jamthund Breeder component to their website, it’s important to solidify your spot at the top of the search engine now (while you still can). Update your website frequently and blog. By blogging, pages are indexed and your website ranking moves up every time Google processes it. Bolster up social media and promote your site to family and friends. Clinch that top keyword niche and never let go. Specialized terminology like Jamthund Breeder is the perfect starting point for achieving this.

Keyword Technology and Press Release Firms

The press release of a company is a relatively short piece of literature, but in those few words, you must prove the significance of a person, product, or work. A press release is somewhat of a fake news story that is written in the third person and is meant to sell what the press release is about to an editor or reporter. A press release is used to announce things like scheduled events, personal promotions, products and services, awards, sales and accomplishments and the like. Reporters are more prone to consider stories that have press releases. They are usually sent as a part of a press release kit, along with a pitch, or alone. In the press release it is important to follow proper formatting and to include information about the idea you are pitching that will make the editor or reporter interested. A press release is essential to having your articles accepted, so it is important to have it written in the correct format and for it to contain adequate information. Because of this, it may be better to have a Keyword Technology firm handle your press release.

Use A Keyword Technology Firm For Press Releases To Gain Traffic and Ranking

Usually, you would use a Keyword Technology firm for all of your search engine optimization needs. Nevertheless, such a company can also handle writing press releases, considering that press releases and search engine optimization have a similar aim. If you want your story to catch the attention of a reporter, then you will have to know proper techniques to get a reporter’s attention. The writers at a Keyword Technology firm will understand how to do this. Search engine optimization is all about getting higher ranks on search engines and using the correct keywords to get a site to those higher ranks. With a press release, the aim is to grab the attention of the story and to communicate the appeal of the story. The aim of both is similar, so a Keyword Technology firm will know how to handle press releases.

A Good Heading Helps In Gaining Ranking and Attention 

In order for a press release to be effective, it must have a good headline that sums up the point of the story in as few words as possible. It is also important to have an effective lead paragraph, one that will engage whoever is reading it. In this lead paragraph, all of the essential information such as the when, where, how, and the what must be included. You also have to make a claim as to the main aim of the article. After that paragraph, everything that was included in the lead paragraph has to be backed up.

A Good Press Release Lasts For Years – Use  A Professional Firm 

While writing a press release seems to be a simple science, for beginners, it can be quite difficult. That is why it is best to leave it to the professionals, such as a Keyword Technology firm. It is too much of a risk to attempt to do a press release if you are not familiar with or do not have experience with writing press releases. Also, by having a Keyword Technology firm handle it, you can be certain that your press release will be of high quality and that it will have higher chances of being accepted.

Press Releases Are All About Exposure And Traffic

Now, while all the focus of this article is basically around getting the attention it deserves, making sure the reporters notice it, having the layout all correct, the paragraphs are detailed, etc. All of this has one underlying purpose – to bring you to attention in the eye of your target client or visitor.

A Press Release Must Move Traffic To You

In order for that purpose to have a desired result, it most often requires that the visitor contact you, touch base with you, visit your site for more information, etc. This is a crucial aspect of a properly done press release. Submitting a press release that has no ability, or lacks the ability to “Move Traffic” to you, is pretty much nothing more than Internet Clutter.

Don’t Waste Your Opportunity With Your Press Release

There are millions of press releases that have little to no success in transferring a visitor to the company or individual that published the press release. Basically, this amounts to a waste of time and resources. All the time invested in creating the release is secondary to the time and resources invested first in getting ready to announce in the press release. You would first have made a great product, idea, or service. You would be all set to talk to these folks, share your knowledge, service product or idea. Then all the time creating the release in the right format, only to have it sit, and do nothing.

Your Press Release Needs To Be Indexed And Ranked 

Submitting a release is only a concept – a promise of something, it needs to be submitted correctly, to the right locations, using the right process of back linking so that it first off, gets accepted, secondly, gets indexed, and third, can actually send people to you.

A Good  Press Release Can Work For Years

It is a waste of time to blindly submit with no plan for utilizing this press release. A single press release can go to work, and last for years, making progress in sending visitors, building credibility, transferring traffic, adding sales and much more, if it’s done right.

Focus On Keyword Technology For Your Next Press Release

Most press submission services and press writing services only focus on the actual release, they know nothing about keyword technology, seo, ranking, long term residual value and gaining long term traffic from this one document.

Contact Uppgroup Inc. About Keyword Technology And Your Press Release

There are huge advantages to using a keyword technology firm like Uppgroup Inc. to assist you in creating, submitting, and then positioning that release to work for years, not just two seconds. Talk to us,  let us have them take a look at your product, your idea, etc. Get some feedback on what we can do for you. This will make that one press release work over and over. Then think what we both can do with 10, or 100.

Keyword Technology and Content Creation

5 Reasons to Have A Keyword Technology Firm Help Your Business With Content Marketing Campaigns

Writing is a very important aspect to marketing. In order to relay adequate and interesting information when marketing, having well written content in your marketing campaigns will give the general public an interest in what you have to offer, and it will inform them of the important facts and the specifics. The content of your marketing campaign has to be well written in order for this to be successful. Marketing is more than just promoting what you have to offer to the public; it is making sure that the information provided in the marketing campaign is conveyed in an appropriate manner. The best way to do this is to hire a keyword technology firm like Uppgroup Inc..

Here are five key reasons why:

1.Higher Search Engine Rankings– If you have your marketing content handled by Uppgroup Inc., one of the leading keyword technology firms, all of the content will be search engine optimized. This means that keywords that are often searched and receive high amounts of hits on search engines will be included in the written content. By including these highly searched keywords in the content, your marketing content will be easier to find in search engines, and will have higher rankings on search engines. Search engine optimization takes time and research, so it’s much more convenient to have a keyword technology firm handle the search engine optimization.

2.More Effective Writing– Writing press releases and articles isn’t easy. They must have enough information to tell the reader about what you are promoting, and they must also avoid the use of clichés and other bland language while keeping the reader engaged. The average un-trained writer will not be able to effectively produce top quality written content. Keyword technology firms have many good writers on task, so it is guaranteed that you will get excellent content written.

3.Writing is Time Consuming– When putting together your marketing campaign, there is a lot to do, like contacting media outlets, keeping updated on social media, networking, advertising, and more. There won’t be a lot of time or opportunity to sit and write content for the campaign. By using a keyword technology firm, you can have the work of the writing taken care of by writing professionals, while the rest is left to you. This frees up your valuable time to focus on other tasks.

4.Writing will Sound More Professional– It is fairly obvious when writing has been done by an amateur and or by a professional. This is crucial in marketing; it will be easy for any of your target audience to be able to tell when the content isn’t quite up to par. This is why it is better to contact a professional to make sure that your writing is nothing but the best.

5.Increased Traffic– This is a major benefit to having a keyword technology firm help you with marketing. With the search engine optimization and the well written content, you will see a spike in traffic. More people will want to visit your website after seeing your press releases and other marketing. Search engine optimization is one of the most important aspects of gaining more traffic.

Keyword Technology Welcomes You!

Welcome to Keyword Technology

The process of understanding how people search, how they look for things online is a basis for our process, our keyword technology. It’s very much like Steven Covey stated: “Seek first to understand.” This is the same principle we follow with Keyword Technology. In the past ten years or more since we started our business we have witnessed many changes in the way the web and all its components work together. However, very basic principles still hold true today. Here is an overview of  what Keyword Technology actually is.

The most important principle when looking to position yourself in front of your target market is this:

Speak the language they use – talk, write, share, and  show in how they (the potential clients) talk, write, receive and see!

Keyword technology is the backbone of all marketing programs. In reality, if you’re not using it, you are missing out on a great deal of your market, we can guarantee it. Here is a very easy way to look at it. Most people put together product material, brochures, corporate letters, sales letters, etc.; the majority of which speaks the language of the seller. It shares the thoughts, the ideas, the perceptions of the seller. It is mainly created from how the seller perceives the information.

Now let’s look a bit deeper: let’s just describe a computer – personal computer, mac, ibm, dell, laptop, notebook, palm, pc, desktop, intel, gateway, Toshiba, apple, Linux … I think you’re getting the idea. There are endless ways to “describe, share, show” just about anything. So, before we go too far along you most likely already have an idea of the complexity of this process. Here is where it gets interesting.

What if we have to enter in another phrase or word? What if we had to describe a computer desk? Then the variables increase exponentially. We now have – personal computer desk, laptop desk, notebook desk, etc., but it can now be exponentially expanded as it could easily be computer workstation, mac workstation, ibm workstation, you get the idea.

Taking this a stage further, let’s enter in one more phrase – what if we had to describe a computer desk lamp? Once again, just using our variables we now have – personal computer desk lamp, laptop desk lamp, notebook desk lamp, etc. But we could also have personal computer light, laptop desk light, notebook desk light, and personal computer workstation lamp. I mean I am already confused, there are so many variables. So, you see where on the first pass through on construction a product site, or a display page, or sales article, most, if not all, of the key variables would be missing, this is why Keyword Technology needs to be employed.