Keyword Technology

Using a combination of html web design and WordPress also assists in the second aspect of our expertise, Keyword Technology. Many of our clients come to us to rebuild an existing site, or sites, as they found that the current set up was created solely from a graphics standpoint, and not really a positioning standpoint.

A site that is developed from the ground up to rank and position is built different than a site that is built solely to supply information and look good. Both sites are visually appealing and to practically everyone who visits the site, they look the same, however the similarities end with the visual aspects.

Keyword Technology, when applied to the construction of the site, well that changes a whole range of items. File naming is different, all the way from the standard button names on the site, to the page names, to image names. How those files are interlinked changes, site maps change, are created in a more elaborate fashion, on page SEO, off page SEO, all those factors are addressed. But there is a ton of research first into how people actually are “looking and searching” for exactly what your proposing, this assists the creators in making sure the site is focused on the way they are already looking.

By having the web design and the keyword technology aspects tied together, it leads right into the advanced marketing area. Click here to read more about our Advanced Marketing service.